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AI uses

Nasqueron dwellers use the tools they want under their own responsibility.

Language models are welcome to inspire/proofread/review/generate/code what you want.

Automatic generation without human supervision or with blind trust can be frowned upon, see for example on Stack Overflow.

For privacy policy reasons, we don't query APIs like OpenAI directly in services hosted by Nasqueron, for example we don't plan to use ChatGPT in Sentry to offer solutions to reported issues.

AI content transparency

Tag any development activity where ChatGPT or another IA model has been useful. Try to include what part, so we can prepare a report of the areas where it's the most interesting to use it.

Credit on images the tool used to generate them Dall-E, Adobe Firefly, Stable Diffusion, etc. The prompt used is welcome too.

Development with AI

Here a summary of our experience with models, mainly ChatGPT.


  • ChatGPT can produce a draft for a entity/associations diagrams, so you've a format to work with (ServPulse)
  • ChatGPT can't really be helpful to suggest product names (temperature too low?), but is helpful to justify the choices, state the values. An example at Operations grimoire/Alkane#Why_the_name_Alkane?

Code review

  • Not really useful: compliment the clarity, respect of the forms and the best practices, but don't give actionable hints
  • Could be cool for morale if not technically to have positive feedback


ChatGPT understands the prompts but to generate code, that's clearly not relevant.

  • For a parser function, it's easier to write it in code than specify the requirements (and it will try to reguest the parsing)
  • Can't write correctly C (null-terminated strings, segfaults) or Rust (borrowing, suggest methods not for the object you work with)
  • Can't write pure sh scripts without errors
  • Can't write Lua 5.1 modules for MediaWiki (type issues)

Writing with AI

  • - The homepage presentation text is written by ChatGPT. Prompt used: “Nasqueron would like to offer internship. Write a brief section "About Nasqueron" for such purpose.”.

Note about Nasqueron knowledge. On oldest conversations, ChatGPT knew about Nasqueron. Since the privacy laws regulators ask for a more responsible disclosure, new conversations don't seem as of 2023-05-27 to know what Nasqueron is. In such case, the easiest, if less accurate, is to preseed your prompt with exactly how ChatGPT described Nasqueron in March 2023. This prompt is available at /Prompts.

Images generation

Some images have been generated for DevCentral project boards with Dall-E and Stable Diffusion. They are documented on DevCentral credits page.


Commits with ChatGPT assistance

We award a token "Yo se serious" (reverse smiley) to revisions where ChatGPT was useful.

It allows to query the Phabricator database to gets the list:

    CONCAT("{{D|",, "}}") as revision,
    DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(rev.dateCreated), '%Y-%m-%d') as `date`,
    CONCAT("{{Repo|", repositorySlug, "}}") as repository
FROM devcentral_differential.differential_revision rev
    LEFT JOIN devcentral_repository.repository repo ON repo.phid = rev.repositoryPHID
    LEFT JOIN devcentral_user.user ON user.phid = authorPHID
WHERE rev.phid IN (SELECT DISTINCT objectPHID FROM devcentral_token.token_given WHERE tokenPHID = "PHID-TOKN-emoji-3");

As of 2023-05-27 that gives:

Revision Commit title Date Author Repository
D2532 Draft XSD schema for Report library 2022-02-16 dereckson schemas
D2994 Add RequestBody guard for Rocket 2023-04-11 dereckson limiting-factor
D3016 Create initialized sites subdirectory 2023-04-14 dereckson alkane
D3039 Simplify map autolinker call 2023-04-17 dereckson servers-homepages
D3112 Fetch RFC index and format it 2023-05-20 dereckson datasources
D2980 Provision db-B-001 MariaDB server 2023-04-07 dereckson operations
D3119 Publish content about internship 2023-05-21 dereckson join-www