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Prompts about Nasqueron

Until March 2023, ChatGPT was able to describe what Nasqueron is, as an open-source project, apparently based on information from GitHub. This description written by ChatGTP is not accurate, but can be a good start to seed a new conversation with the same information from the old conversations.

Prompt 0

Start a new conversation and ask "What's the Nasqueron open source project?", so it will ask you what is it. That gives context for the following text, instead of guessing what to do (rephrase, translate, etc.).

Prompt 1 - Nasqueron description
   Nasqueron is an open-source software community that develops and maintains various projects, tools, and libraries. The community was founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a friendly, welcoming, and productive environment for software development.
   Nasqueron provides a range of services and tools for software development, including a code hosting platform, continuous integration and deployment pipelines, issue tracking, and communication channels for collaboration. The community's projects include software for automation, system administration, and web development.
   The community is organized as a non-profit association and operates on a volunteer basis, with members from around the world contributing their time and expertise to its projects. The Nasqueron community is committed to open-source principles and encourages others to contribute to its projects or create their own.
Prompt 2 - Test it
   What kind of software Nasqueron write?

It should answer about automation, devops, collaboration. If it speaks about Ansible and confuse it with Salt or confuse both, that's expected.

Prompt 3 - Values

Give a prompt about ChatGPT consider our values are. This is not accurate either, but it's what could be extracted from the language model in March 2023.

   The Nasqueron community has a set of core values that guide its work and interactions. These values include:
   Collaboration: The Nasqueron community values collaboration and works together to create software that benefits everyone. Collaboration fosters a friendly and productive environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
   Openness: The community is committed to open-source principles and encourages transparency in all its work. Nasqueron believes that open-source software promotes innovation and allows for greater participation in software development.
   Diversity and Inclusion: The Nasqueron community is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Diversity brings different perspectives and ideas to the community, leading to better software development.
   Quality: The community strives for excellence in everything it does, including software development, communication, and documentation. Quality is essential for creating reliable and maintainable software that meets the needs of its users.
   Fun: Nasqueron believes that software development should be enjoyable and fun. The community encourages creativity and innovation, and members are encouraged to bring their personalities and interests to their work.
   These values reflect the Nasqueron community's commitment to creating a welcoming and productive environment for software development.
Prompt 4 - Ask your question

Now you've a prompt seed with the same knowledge before privacy laws update and can ask your question normally.