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Eglide is a shell server donated by Sandlayth for an independant shell project.

Responsibilities and involvement

  • Eglide is an independent shell project free to use
  • Nasqueron supports the infrastructure and ITC management
  • Wolfplex Hackerspace gives support to users @ Libera Chat #wolfplex (there is also a channel #eglide)


IP connectivity


IPv6: 2001:470:1f13:896:0:c0de:15:11fe

IPv6 is provided by an HE tunnel, our range is 2001:470:1f13:896::/64.

The command vhosts allows to get the full list.

rOPS: roles/shellserver/vhosts/files/vhosts.eglide contains the up to date list.


Port User Service Configuration source
22 root OpenSSH /etc/ssh/sshd_config
80 www-data nginx /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
12000 bitlbee bitlbee rOPS: roles/shellserver/userland-software/files/etc__init.d__bitlbee


See Eglide/Policies.

See also