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Nasqueron projects are supported by the community.

The following resources could be useful.

Our IRC channel.

We currently are hanging out on Libera Chat at #nasqueron. You can also reach us through webchat (Write /join #nasqueron or use #nasqueron in channel field).

Some projects have their own channels: #tasacora for Tasacora, #nasqueron-ops for the servers and infrastructure operations.

DevCentral. Bug tracker and tasks.

If you have a request involving servers configuration, a feature you would like to find on a software or want to report a bug, the best place is DevCentral. We also use it for project coordination, so if you've any question, you can use it and we'll sort that out.

You can use IRC too to communicate about that, but it will be useful to first create the task and give the link to the channel.