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; Developers:
; Developers:
* Rama (lead developer)
* Rama (lead developer)
* Dereckson
* Dereckson (infra, backend)
* Ash Crow
* Ash Crow (frontend, backend)
== Assets ==
== Assets ==

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Tasacora project etymology.png

Tasacora is an open source application to create thematic maps from reference maps and datasources.


  • Pick a well divided and tagged SVG map
  • Import or browse some dataset
  • Link this dataset to geographical data of the map
  • The tool will produce the appropriate result map, using as mush as possible CSS to represent data and make further editing efficient.


Tasacora is the Latin name of Sig, an Algerian city. As GIS (geographic information system) is SIG in French, that creates a pun.

This is intended first as codename. No commitment is made the final product will be released under this name.


  • Kumkum (consulting)
  • Harmonia Amanda (testing)
  • Rama (lead developer)
  • Dereckson (infra, backend)
  • Ash Crow (frontend, backend)




  • A Tasacora organization account on GitHub, to reserve the name if we have too many repositories or create a more formal structure for subprojects.

How to participate?

  • We're interested by front-end JS developers to build nice widgets and interfaces to edit and visualize datasets and maps.
  • We need graphists to analyze the best suitable and flexible maps on Wikimedia Commons to create new thematic maps, or to create new ones.
  • We accept a small financial donation to register tasacora.org