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You are a Nasqueron inhabitant? We use the following methods to claim identities and memberships.

Method 1. Commit to our core repository

You need Git (`git`) and perhaps Arcanist (`arc`). If you don't have them on your computer, you can install them or, more easily, request on IRC an account on Ysul where all this stuff is already installed.

  • Clone the Nasqueron repository: git clone https://devcentral.nasqueron.org/source/core.git
  • Sign the proclamation on DevCentral: http://devcentral.nasqueron.org/L1
  • Craft your first commit to the repository:
    • Add your name to inhabitants.json
    • Create a folder matching your shell or Auth Grove or DevCentral login and put inside your public SSH key or PGP key (this is facultative if you don't use it for Nasqueron)
    • Tell Git you want to add these files in your file: git add <files you want to add>
    • Commit it with git commit - add to the commit message a statement you're Nasqueron inhabitant.
  • Send it to DevCentral with arc diff
  • You're done! Another Nasqueron inhabitant will push it to the repository (or ask you to check something).

Note: without arc, you can use git diff HEAD^ . and copy/paste it to http://devcentral.nasqueron.org/differential/diff/create/.

How to fill arc diff or edit the Differential revision you created on the web?
    • First line: if your commit didn't have a title, move it to the summary section and write instead something like "New Nasqueron inhabitant - <your login>" or "We are Nasqueron - <your login>".
    • Summary: it should your the commit content. If applicable, check you've noted the fact you've added PGP or SSH key, or you signed the We are Nasqueron document.
    • Test plan: leif your ssh key is already on a server, note the account and the server it could be checked. If your PGP key is on Keybase, note it. If some Nasqueron member signed your PGP key, note it too.

Method 2: IRL

  • Go somewhere with a public artwork, an installation, a grove in the forest, a roof, any place of significance.
  • Invite another Nasqueron member
  • Recite the Nasqueron proclamation

Method 3. Produce a project or a piece of art.

Create a project, or a piece of art you associate to Nasqueron.

For example, you can write a new software at Nasqueron, or in your next novel or book add a dedication to Nasqueron.

Method 4. Do a private vow.

No Nasqueron inhabitant is forced to come out. You can be a Nasqueron member in the closet.

Do a secret vow.

If one day, you need to make this commitment public, use another method and mention your previous vow.