Dev policies

From Nasqueron Agora

This document represents policies about development at Nasqueron.


For new projects:

  • New applications SHOULD take a decision about code coverage and try to reach full coverage.
    • Full coverage can be evaluated at "100% coverage" if it's appropriate, but can be defined otherwise by the team
    • This coverage is evaluated with unit tests
    • Integration tests are welcome everywhere it's appropriate
  • Tests MUST be automatised at Jenkins level to run when a diff is submitted or a commit is done

For existing projects:

  • New features should maintain or increase test coverage
  • If no testing facility is already there, new features should evaluate the need and do so if an unit test is valuable
  • For active projects, teams SHOULD define a goal like "reach 80% coverage"

Commits and code-review

See How to contribute code.

Code conventions

See Code conventions.