Equatower is an infrastructure server used to serve Docker containers.

New services, provisionned by SaltStack through our rOPS repository, should be deployed to Equatower.


Group Container Image Purpose
jenkins_cd jenkins jenkinsci/jenkins Jenkins master for CD
jenkins_cd apsile nasqueron/jenkins-slave-php Jenkins slave
jenkins_cd elapsi nasqueron/jenkins-slave-php Jenkins slave
openfire openfire gizmotronic/openfire XMPP server
phpbb phpbb_db nasqueron/mysql MySQL server for phpBB PaaS
phpbb phpbb_ook nasqueron/nginx-php7-fpm QA container for phpBB PaaS
phpbb phpbb_test nasqueron/nginx-php7-fpm dev container for phpBB PaaS


Port Service Purpose
3478 Openfire STUN / TURN
5222 Openfire C2S XMPP
5263 Openfire S2S XMPP
38080 Jenkins back-end web server