How to request operations config change

From Nasqueron Agora

If you need something done on a Nasqueron server, you need to request to operations volunteers a config change.

To do that, create a task on and add it to the Servers project.


How to request a SSH key to be added to an account?

Use this specialized form.

How to report a server outage?

Use this specialized form.

How to quickly fill a task without visiting the web page?

You can use `arc`, the Phabricator CLI client. is a script to:

  • create a new task in the Projects server
  • print the URL to the console

I frequently need the same thing

That means we need to automate the process, and allow you to trigger it.

To achieve that, we could for example:

  • add a console command
  • add a feature to our bots infrastructure
  • add a specialized application to handle requests