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Keruald is a set of libraries to build PHP applications.


List of libraries
Package name Description
keruald/omnitools General purpose library
keruald/globalfunctions Wrapper to replace our old old sites "core.php" by calls to omnitools
keruald/commands Create simple CLI application
keruald/report Reporting library
keruald/health Site health check
keruald/dockerhub Docker Hub, managing payload signatures
keruald/mailgun  Mailgun API client
keruald/database Database abstraction layer
keruald/broker Wrapper around brokers like RabbitMQ

Developer guide

Contribution workflow

You'll find the general contribution guide at How to contribute code. Here some pointers specific for Keruald libraries.

We use a monorepo: clone the rKERUALD repository on DevCentral, you'll find your library as a direct subdirectory on it.

Each subdirectory matches:

  • a resource folder, not included in packages, if starting by an underscore _ or a dot .
  • a name of a package if starting by a letter, e.g. keruald/commands for commands/

How to create a new library?

To create a new library quux, we need a new empty manyrepo on DevCentral, a mirror on GitHub and to declare it on Packagist:

  1. Create an empty folder in the monorepo repository with the name of the package, here mkdir quux
  2. Regenerate shared files with make regenerate (you need Python and Jinja2): that will add your repository to files like phpcs.xml
  3. Create on DevCentral a new repository with a callsign starting by K for Keruald like KQUUX, and "quux" as shortname
  4. Create on GitHub a new repository called keruald/quux
  5. Publish on packagist

If the shortname is already taken on DevCentral, it's time to create a new task to provide a map of subdirectory/package repository.

Don't commit anything in newly created repos but contribute as usual by creating quux/ subdirectory in the monorepo

Annex A. IDE configuration


Clone the monorepo on your drive, then open it in PhpStorm to generate an .idea folder.