Notifications center/Delivery API

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The delivery API is a HTTP to AMQP gateway.

It has been built to use an AMQP broker from languages where it's not convenient to use an AMQP library (e.g. TCL, Rust with OpenSSL 1.1+).

Administration guide


This is a microservice shipped as a Flask application.

It reads configuration from environment, connects to a broker, fire a Werkzeug WSGI application.

Then, it accepts requests to interact with the broker in HTTP.


Deploy the microservice

To deploy it, you can:

It requires the following environment variable to be defined:

  • BROKER_HOST: the domain of your broker
  • BROKER_USERNAME: an username to connect to the broker
  • BROKER_PASSWORD: a password to connect to the broker

If you don't use the / vhost, you can add:

  • BROKER_VHOST: the vhost to use

Front-end web server configuration

Then, in your front-end web server, amend the notifications center's configuration to pass requests for /delivery to this service.

server {
    server_name notifications.domain.tld;

    location /delivery {
        proxy_pass http://localhost:37180;

Of course, you can also deploy this as a standalone product, it's fully independent from other notifications center component.

Exit codes

If the server can't attach to the broker, it will quit with the following exit codes:

  • 1: configuration can't be read, ensure you've BROKER_HOST, BROKER_USERNAME and BROKER_PASSWORD defined in the environment
  • 2: can't login to the broker

Report bugs or request new feature

You can create a task at DevCentral.