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This page documents how operations can contact our users.

If you wish to contact operations, we use DevCentral as our service desk.

So to ping Nasqueron Operations Squad about a task, put it in Servers project, or if unrelated, add Nasqueron Operations Squad project.

Nasqueron Operations Squad

  • Dereckson
  • Sandlayth

Internal contacts

Some maintainers have only few projects and don't always watch actively DevCentral, so ping them:

Resource IRC nick DevCentral username Notes
AutoriteBot ironie (doesn't have an account) -
Brigitte ironie (doesn't have an account) -
commons.nasqueron.org Rama rama -
Tasacora Rama rama -

External contacts

We maintain resources for external projects:

Resource IRC nick DevCentral username Notes
uncle-slovius.nasqueron.org amj amj Privileged contact way: IRC.

We're allowed to perform software upgrades on the jail.

tazaouaght Nidal Nidal Privileged contact way: CCing on relevant Phabricator tasks.
*.wolfplex.be philectro ledesillusionniste Has been 'volunteered' in this role. So when starting a discussion, remember them they are contact point for Wolfplex and we wish to share information.