Operations grimoire/Dæghrefn

From Nasqueron Agora

Deployment is done in partyline.

Script deployment


Repository is rVIPER.

Live deployment

Dæghrefn is updated without downtime using.

DON'T USE .rehash: that would kill the bot if there is an error of syntax, but it would also drop any temporary script loaded and configuration.

You need access to the .tcl command (flag T).

You can use:

  • direct invoke: .tcl source scripts/Daeghrefn/Wikimedia.tcl
  • invoke wrapped in a function: .s Wikimedia

Scripts should work with .s, if not, open a task to fix that.

Adding a new script

Don't forget to edit ~/eggdrop/$BOTNAME/eggdrop.conf to add script, so it will also be loaded after reboot.

Don't add scripts to core.conf, we want to be able to customize what we load in what bot.

When the bot doesn't respond anymore

The bot doesn't respond if:

  • you can't DCC it from IRC AND
  • you can't telnet it from Ysul.

Historically, it only occurred when code provided an infinite loop, and process was at 100%.

Wearg, Dæghrefn are configured to:

  • rehash on sighup (-1)
  • die on sigterm (-15)

So try a kill -1 (SIGHUP) first.

Wikidata access layer deployment


Repository is rDWD.


This repository is managed through continuous delivery.

Any commit in the DWD repository, master branch will be automatically deployed by the deploy-irc-daeghrefn-wikidata Jenkins job.

Don't commit anything you don't want to see deployed to themaster branch.