Operations grimoire/External services

From Nasqueron Agora

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

S3, account managed by Sandlayth.

Docker Hub

Organization account, administrative access by Sandlayth and Dereckson.

2021-09-12: request for open source as part of the https://www.docker.com/blog/expanded-support-for-open-source-software-projects done, mainly as automated builds have been disabled in the free team plan.


Some domains names:

  • eglide.org, account managed by Sandlayth
  • ook.space, account managed by Dereckson


Organization account
Administrative access by Sandlayth and Dereckson
Some OAuth could be on Dereckson account. When found, should be switched to Nasqueron (see T1109).
As automated agent, there is an Alken-Orin account to link GitHub to CI/CD.
This account is also used to fetch code from GitHub through the `staging_private_repository` Salt state. To that end, the Salt deploy SSH key is added to this account.
Credentials at K53.


OAuth for DevCentral, account managed by Dereckson (under espace-win.org Google Apps organization)

Hurricane Electric

IPv6 connectivity, account 'nasqueron'.

Note: DNS for nasqueron.org is currently handled on the 'dereckson' account.


Credentials for this account are stored in K103.


Account managed by Dereckson.

2020-02-28: account upgraded to Flex, as it's not possible anymore to add custom domains to the free plan. From July, mails will cost 0.80$ / 1000. To avoid any financial abuse, (i) a 1000 mail accounts limit is currently in (we can update it in account settings) (ii) the credit card associated for this account is limited to 5 € / month.


/NET/Nasqueron is managed by the Dereckson Internet Archive account.

Online / Scaleway

  • Ysul, account managed by Dereckson, billed to Dereckson
  • WindRiver, account managed by Dereckson, billed to Trantorium
  • Eglide, account managed by Sandlayth, billed to Sandlayth
    • Following organization account introduction, Dereckson has now access too.

OVH / SoYouStart


  • Dreadnought, account managed by Dereckson, billed to Wolfplex
  • CloudHugger, account managed by Dereckson, billed to Trantorium


Account managed by Dereckson.


OAuth authentication, managed by Dereckson