Operations grimoire/Mumble

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The Mumble server (Murmur) is sandboxed in a jail on Ysul.

Server needs to connect to MySQL on Ysul.

A bot, w|, is managed by Triskel (not by Nasqueron) connects to it, generally through IPv6 from 2001:41d0:2:8d8c:216:3eff:fed3:976d.

Update certificates

SSL certificates are renewed on Ysul.

After mumble.nasqueron.org certificate is renewed, run update-mumble-certificates to copy it to the Mumble jail. That will restart the Murmur server too.

Ideally, we should call automatically this script when server is renewed, probably adding an hook to the Let's encrypt configuration. This is tracked at https://devcentral.nasqueron.org/T853.