Operations grimoire/NetBox

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NetBox is the current source of truth for the network. It's available at NetBox.

Integration with Salt

Ongoing integration projects are in work to serve NetBox data as part of Salt pillar for configuration as code.

It should serve:

  • /etc/hosts data for Drake network machines
  • the same information available at pillar/nodes/nodes.sls, so we won't need to maintain that anymore

Integration with IRC

Export to a database for Odderon is discussed at T1868.

That should allow the following workflow:

   17:13:59 < Dereckson>
   17:14:00 < Odderon> (Dereckson): docker-001.nasqueron.org / Decommissioned address for docker-001.nasqueron.org / Drake [deprecated]



Device role colors

  • Network appliances and assimilated (e.g. machines with router role): gray
  • Devices for human to connect to and work from (e.g. shellserver, devserver): purple
  • Devices hosting services (e.g. dbserver, paas-docker): pink