Operations grimoire/Onboarding

From Nasqueron Agora

The current Nasqueron Operations SIG onboarding process is still a work in progress. When onboarding new members, this process should be refined and improve.


To join the Nasqueron Operations SIG:

  1. Create a task on DevCentral
    • Document the work previously done for Nasqueron projet, with focus on the infrastructure, state you want to join Operations.
    • Tag it Nasqueron Operations Squad
    • Announce the task on Libera #nasqueron-ops
  2. When invited to do so, sign https://devcentral.nasqueron.org/L3
  3. Ensure you follow the useful ops resource to communicate:
    • IRC: join and follow Libera #nasqueron-ops
    • DevCentral: have a working account on with notifications enabled




  • rOPS: pillar/core/groups.sls: add username to ops group
  • Deploy roles/core/users to each machine: salt '*' state.apply roles/core/users


  • Create new contact, add it to the Nasqueron Operations SIG