Operations grimoire/RabbitMQ

From Nasqueron Agora

RabbitMQ is deployed through Docker.


List of RabbitMQ production clusters
Cluster name Management interface Description
white-rabbit https://white-rabbit.nasqueron.org Main cluster, used for CI and CD purpose


  • To redeploy containers, use salt-call --local state.apply roles/paas-docker/containers/rabbitmq
  • To enable a plugin, edit this Dockerfile and rebuild image
  • To enable a new port for a new protocol or metrics, edit rOPS: pillar/paas/docker.sls
  • To bind queue or check what happens, use web interface

Services using RabbitMQ

white-rabbit, dev vhost
  • Notifications center: intelligent bus to get notifications from GitHub, Phabricator, Jenkins, DockerHub, normalize them and publish them to RabbitMQ
  • Wearg: IRC bot, read wearg-notifications queue to get notifications to publish them on Libera Chat channels