Operations grimoire/Sentry

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Sentry is deployed on Equatower through the Docker PaaS.

The Sentry DSN or the humans UI can be reached at https://sentry.nasqueron.org

Command line

Sentry provides a command line interface.

To use it, log in to Equatower, then run sentry nasqueron <command>. It will then spawn a new container correctly linked to the database, SMTP server and PostgreSQL database to run it.

If you've deployed another instance than for Nasqueron, replace it by the realm name.

The following commands are available in 9.0:

 cleanup        Delete a portion of trailing data based on...
 config         Manage runtime config options.
 createuser     Create a new user.
 devserver      Starts a lightweight web server for...
 django         Execute Django subcommands.
 exec           Execute a script.
 export         Exports core metadata for the Sentry...
 files          Manage files from filestore.
 help           Show this message and exit.
 import         Imports data from a Sentry export.
 init           Initialize new configuration directory.
 permissions    Manage Permissions for Users.
 plugins        Manage Sentry plugins.
 queues         Manage Sentry queues.
 repair         Attempt to repair any invalid data.
 run            Run a service.
 shell          Run a Python interactive interpreter.
 start          DEPRECATED see `sentry run` instead.
 tsdb           Tools for interacting with the time series...
 upgrade        Perform any pending database migrations and...


$ docker stats sentry_web_1 sentry_db sentry_redis sentry_smtp sentry_worker_1 sentry_cron