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Installation and update instructions


  • PHP 5.4+
    • Short array syntax: $properties = [];
    • Class member access on instantiation: (new ThimblController())->run();
  • The XSL extension (which depends of the libxslt library ( textproc/libxslt)
  • Composer


The /list/replace tool generates very long Base 64 encoded permalink URL.

Add to the http block of nginx configuration (not the vhost) the following line to allow that:

   large_client_header_buffers 8 1024k

Scenario 1 - Redeploy from scratch

Note: this is currently a bad idea, as some site content isn't currently in the repository, like gadgets/rain.

mkdir /var/wwwroot/
git clone

Scenario 2 - Deploy from

Dereckson uses this to push from his staging copy and then automate scenario 3:

cd /home/dereckson/dev/nasqueron/tools/repo

See deploy script.

Scenario 3 - Deploy from GitHub

This is the recommended scenario.

cd /var/wwwroot/
git pull
make clean all

Scenario 4 - Only update external packages

Use this when a tool packaged and fetched by composer like the source templates generator has a new revision.

cd /var/wwwroot/
make clean all

If you need to fix ownership permissions

chown -R nasqueron:org:web /var/wwwroot/
# Enquire about the permissions for Gerrit feeds file