From Nasqueron Agora
Here some nuts

Frenchman interested in maps and stuff. Wikipedian with a very variable activity.

Involved in Tasacora.

Some more or less important things to know about

Spoken languages:

  • French (probably better than yours)
  • Turkish (very acceptable)
  • English (not too bad)
  • German (mmh...)
  • Modern greek (some stuff)
  • Russian (some stuff)
  • Mandarin (some stuff)
  • and some other ones (I can say What happens in the house? The cat is on the table in Spanish and I want beer in Polish).

Not spoken languages:

  • Python (the snake?)
  • C (that's a letter ok)
  • Java (an island or a dated dance style)
  • html (or with pain)
  • and some other stuff that thousands 10 years old Chinese boys and other members of Tasacora Projects are doing very well and anyway better than I.