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Ysul is an FreeBSD 10 server instance installed on Stormshear.

Basic information

  • IP:
    • DN42 still to configure
    • 2001:470:1f13:9e1:0:c0ff:ee:1 (Hurricane Electric)
    • (Drake)
  • Hostname: ysul.nasqueron.org
  • Homepage: http://ysul.nasqueron.org/
  • Configuration:Should have access to 3.5 GB RAM and 4 core, burstable on request to 8 cores/+-6 Gb (to be negotiated according Dwellers use). Currently 2.5 GB / 1 core.
  • OS: FreeBSD 10
  • ISP: Online (FR)
  • Network: Illiad (FR)
  • Status: Installing.
  • Policy: Access for any Nasqueron or Wolfplex project, access for general public seeking a development purpose shell account or a staging environment.
  • Started: 2014-07-06


  • SSH (*:22)
  • Nginx (*:80)
  • Mumble (*:64738)

Ports table

The table doesn't include dgram and streams (e.g. socket files).

If you start a new service or want to make reservations for a port or a port range for occasional services (e.g. a range of ports for DCC transfers on a IRC bot or client), indicate them here.

If you wish to check the table is accurate, sockstat | grep "*:" could be helpful.

Service Application Port Listening to Notes
SSH sshd 22 world
DNS unbound 53 localhost A distinct world DNS server will be soon installed (through djbdns?)
Web nginx 80 world Currently IPv4 only
Identd oidentd 113 world
Logging syslogd 514 world
MySQL mysqld 3306 world MariaDB 5.5
Mumble murmurd 64738 world
6502 localhost ZeroC Ice socket

Decentralized networks peers

Interface Pipeline network Decentralized network Remote contact Notes
Local IP Remote IP Network Local IP Remote IP
gre0 Drake Dereckson Remote IP is dynamic