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This document is the official reference for powers of representations.

What's a power of representation?

The Nasqueron bylaws provides The power of representation collectively belongs to the members. as a general principle (art. 4.4 §1).

For practical reasons, members can also grant powers of representation to appoint individuals to represent the project. The statutes provide Members may adopt a power of representation. If so, the agent is authorized to represent the project on an official capacity. (art. 4.4 §2).

These powers of representation are generally managed directly by the SIGs through a delegation of authority (art. 4.5).

Special interest groups


If an external service asks a contact, without any requirements to be official, a SIG member acts as such contact, without any power of representation.

If an external service asks an official contact, one or several SIG members may receive a power of representation. This power of representation will allow to represent Nasqueron to this service on an official capacity. Through a delegation of authority, this is directly managed by the SIG.

These contacts are noted at Operations grimoire/External services.


The following members can represent the project on an official capacity to the Libera Chat as primary contacts:

This power of representation can been granted and revoked by the IRC SIG, through a delegation of authority.

Historical powers of representation

For reference, the following powers of representation have existed and are now expired:

  • 2017-02-03 -> 2021-09-20: Dereckson and Sandlayth had a power of representation to the Freenode network per Freenode policies. This power isn't needed as we don't wish to maintain a presence there anymore.

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