List of channels

In the primary Nasqueron space

Note : Freenode doesn't currently allow (well... since 2010 actually) new group registration, so we currently can't assign nasqueron/ cloaks etc.

  • #nasqueron-ops - discussions about operations, infrastructure, any action performed on a server must be logged on this channel
  • #nasqueron-pentacle - testing and operational control of the bots (Dæghrefn, Wearg, etc.), not really used for other beings than bots
By project
  • #tasacora - cartography project Tasacora
Other channels where Nasqueron stuff are discussed
  • #wolfplex - currently also given as support channel in a lot of documentation
  • #fauve
  • #wikipedia-fr - rare, but some discussions about Dæghrefn or occurs

Wearg groups

Some channels want notifications about new commits, tasks, etc.

  • #nasqueron-ops-logs - nasqueron.ops.* and nasqueron.docker.*
  • #tasacora - nasqueron.tasacora.*

Create a new channel

Where to list it?

  • on this page
  • a task should be filled on DevCentral against Dæghrefn project to notify the new channel, so we can configure the bot to manage ChanServ access there too

ChanServ configuration

   REGISTER #nasqueron-quux
   SET #nasqueron-quux MLOCK
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux botadmin +*
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux botop -*+vVoOti
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux member -*+vVoti
   ACCESS #nasqueron-quux ADD Daeghrefn botadmin

Channel log

Normally, a channel is not publicly logged. But in some cases, it's interesting to enable this feature on purely technical channels.

If the channel is logged, you must do both of these:

  • document it in the topic
  • add an autojoin message, for example through ChanServ: SET #nasqueron-quux ENTRYMSG "This channel is publicly logged."

We consider the publication of logs to the DevCentral chatlog application to qualify as "publicly logged", regardless of the project-as-ACLs or the space where the log is.