Servers administration

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This page coordinates the servers administration.

It's mainly an historical archive, you now should browse the Operations grimoire for reference and procedures.


They should be located in Category:Servers, at least the ones dedicated to Nasqueron.

How to help?

  • Help us to migrate from our former server Grip
  • Browse servers tasks
  • Make all stuff available in Puppet (see Puppet manual).
  • Deploy progressively OpenStack to manage Docker components, and VMWare/Xen VMs
  • Write scripts to automate some tasks, like backups
  • Some DevOps love: ensure ALL the infrastructure is available through Git repository and could be managed like an open source project

Changelog provides a server changelog and infrastructure announcement.

To post something there, use Phame on DevCentral.

Workshops at Wolfplex

At the Wolfplex hackerspace, we prepared the following workshops to deal with Nasqueron infrastructure: