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172.27.26/24 (Ubald, home network)

If you need to assign a static IP in this range, use the following information:

  • IP: an IP not in the list below, up to
  • Gateway:
  • Broadcast:
  • Netmask:

If not, you will receive by DHCP an address between and, with a resolve in tree-<number>.lostwoods.drake.

IP Server Reverse DNS OS Purpose AUP Ubald ubald.dereckson.drake OpenWRT r41824 Private use Tigraki tigraki.dereckson.drake FreeBSD 10 Graywell graywell.dereckson.drake Debian Wheezy Threyscend threyscend.drake FreeBSD 10 Nomad laptop server to provide Drake connectivity and FreeBSD shell accounts on the road. Accounts can be requested when you're on the same physical site than Threyscend or need to interact with a project on Threyscend. Xyrogh xyrogh.dereckson.drake Chromium OS Thin client Feel free to borrow it, you can log in as guest or under a Google account. Illium illium.dereckson.drake Android Private use Free for static assignment Axielec axielec.dereckson.drake FreeBSD 10.1 Ports testing infrastructure with GNOME To test ports Free for static assignment Free for DHCP use Ubald ubald.routers.lostwoods.drake See supra. Peering with Drake network Private use (Ysul)


IP Server Reverse DNS OS Purpose Task AUP Ysul ysul.nasqueron.drake FreeBSD 10 Nginx, php-fpm, Node, IRC web and application hosting - Access for any Nasqueron or Wolfplex project, access for general public seeking a development purpose shell account or a staging environment. Tonderon tonderon.nasqueron.drake FreeBSD 10 Test jail environment in Drake (?) T181 Currently none, pending a goal for this jail is found Uncle Slovius uncle-slovius.nasqueron.drake FreeBSD 10 Meteor application development and Rocket Chat evaluation T714 Ask amj on #wolfplex (Dwellers)

IP Server Reverse DNS OS Purpose AUP Dwellers dwellers.nasqueron.drake CentOS 7.0.1406 OpenShift and Docker hosting Open to everyone willing to tweak the dual Docker/OpenShift architecture. (Arcane Grove)

IP Server Reverse DNS OS Purpose AUP Routeur EDPNet - ? Fritzbox Open to configure InterNet Access or NAT rules Switch TP-Link - ? Managed witch Open to create vlan to make ethernet walls plugs private Routeur guest suite - OpenWRT To provide wi-fi in first floor Ok to configure NAT rules TribalCloud hypership.drake Fedora Zed development area Browse http://hypership.drake

DHCP from Fritzbox will assign 70-99. 100+ is for static assignment (network devices and computer with dynamic IP). (Threyscend)

IP Server Reverse DNS OS Purpose AUP Threyscend routing.threyscend.drake See threyscend.drake entry @

DHCP configuration

Offers DHCP from to 29 slots are so available.

Static configuration

If you configure a static IP on this range:

  • Pick a free IP between and
  • Gateway is
  • Broadcast is

Larger events

For larger events, the IP range is reserved to Drake peers, which then provide more broad access on their own block.

Free blocks