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IRC channels for Nasqueron projects are located on Libera.Chat.

IRC is a great place to discuss operations tasks and to get notifications from DevCentral/GitHub/Docker Hub as our notifications feed fo there in real time.

Historical note: In the past, we used Freenode, and like many open source communities, migrated to Libera.Chat. Any mention of Freenode in documentation, README or other metadata should be read as Libera.Chat instead.

How to connect?

Connect by pointing your IRC client to (TLS).

A webchat is also available at

If you need a shell to host your IRC client or bouncer, we offer it at

List of channels

In the primary Nasqueron space
  • #nasqueron - main channel
  • #nasqueron-logs - notifications for non-ops tasks, commits, etc.
  • #nasqueron-ops - discussions about operations, infrastructure, any action performed on a server must be logged on this channel
  • #nasqueron-pentacle - testing and operational control of the bots (Dæghrefn, Wearg, etc.), not really used for other beings than bots
By project
  • #tasacora - cartography project Tasacora
Other channels where Nasqueron stuff are discussed
  • #wolfplex - currently also given as support channel in a lot of documentation
  • #fauve
  • #wikipedia-fr - rare, but some discussions about Dæghrefn or occurs

Wearg groups

Some channels want notifications about new commits, tasks, etc.

  • #nasqueron-ops - nasqueron.ops.* and nasqueron.docker.*
  • #tasacora - nasqueron.tasacora.*

Create a new channel

You can create channel freely. Channels created starting by #eglide- or #nasqueron- in our project namespace, and, as such, can be claimed.

Where to list it?

  • on this page
  • a task should be filled on DevCentral against Dæghrefn project to notify the new channel, so we can configure the bot to manage ChanServ access there too

ChanServ configuration

   REGISTER #nasqueron-quux
   SET #nasqueron-quux MLOCK
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux botadmin +*
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux botop -*+vVoOti
   TEMPLATE #nasqueron-quux member -*+vVoti
   ACCESS #nasqueron-quux ADD Daeghrefn botadmin

Channel log

Normally, a channel is not publicly logged. But in some cases, it's interesting to enable this feature on purely technical channels.

If the channel is logged, you must do both of these:

  • document it in the topic
  • add an autojoin message, for example through ChanServ: SET #nasqueron-quux ENTRYMSG "This channel is publicly logged."

We consider the publication of logs to the DevCentral chatlog application to qualify as "publicly logged", regardless of the project-as-ACLs or the space where the log is.

Issues and future plans

The roadmap is:

  • Bridges. It's currently under consideration to bridge communication platforms to allow beings to choose where they connect to discuss Nasqueron.
  • Darkbot. Effort to modernize darkbot (SASL connectivity done, IPv6 next) are ongoing, and to manage databases management. The idea, especially at the starting of language model era is to restrict the use as a question/answer simple database with information about our network, software, about general ports or rfc list and other authoritative datasources.

Projects on DevCentral:

  • 🏷️ irc - tag for everything IRC-related
  • 🏷️ Odderon - specific project for Darkbot work and Odderon configuration
  • 🏷️ ViperServ - specific project for eggdrop work and Dæghrefn/Wearg configuration

Libera specific notes

Project contacts

Per Governance/Powers_of_representation#IRC, Dereckson and Sandlayth can represent Nasqueron to Libera as "group contacts" (GCs).

They're responsible for requests like channel namespace management, cloaks or requesting assistance from Libera staff.


Cloaks starting by nasqueron/ can be requested by project contacts:

  • beings can claim nasqueron/<username>
  • bots can be assigned nasqueron/bot/<bot username>

Beings can claim a nasqueron/ task as long as one of those statement is true (one is enough, yet one is needed):

  • they participate to a Nasqueron project
  • they are member of Nasqueron (see We are Nasqueron)

The cloak identifies you as a Nasqueron member and as such, your reputation will reflect onto the reputation of Nasqueron.

Group contacts can then process with the cloak request per this documentation.