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Nasqueron is a community. This is a wiki, feel free to edit it ([1] ask account here])

Who we are

Nasqueron is a budding community of creative people, writers, developers and thinkers.

You'll find here like-minded people to connect to, hang out, and build projects.

We focus on free culture, ethics and to be a positive change. Our software is open source our datasources and content are licensed under CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license. We share values like respect, justice and equity.

We like experiments, originality and to discover new things.

We are Nasqueron.


The Nasqueron operations grimoire or NOG, the reference to deal with anything on the servers


  • Ysul - - - FreeBSD core server
  • WindRiver - - - FreeBSD development server
  • Dreadnought
    • Dwellers - - - PaaS facility for OpenShift and Docker applications
    • Equatower - - - Docker engine
  • CloudHugger - - - Kubernetes control node

Espace Win

  • Grip - - (see also Wolfplex:Grip) EOL 2014-07-31 (superseded by Eglide)


  • Eglide - - Public shell server

Loups Gris

  • Warg - -




Draft projects ideas



We participe to