Operations grimoire/How to add a server to the Nasqueron servers pool

From Nasqueron Agora

Naming convention

Server names should be proper name from Iain Banks, The Algebraist.

If you want to create a server to do host one site, it's suggested the server name should still following this convention and so be different than your website subdomain.

Web guidelines

If the server run a webserver, it's suggested at lest three vhosts:

  • one to catch every request not intended for one of the configured block, to provide user with an error message (like the 404 droid not found) if a domain points to our server but is not configured ;
  • one at <short hostname>, <full hostname>, localhost, <IP>, to offer a cover page for the server,
  • one for the service you host.


  • Document the server on the wiki:
    • Create a page on the wiki, with the server's short hostname as title (e.g. Ysul). Minimal information is server name IP and maintainer.
    • Add the server addresses on the IPs page
    • If the server is public or semi public, consider to document an AUP (acceptable use policy).
  • Prepare the server cover homepage: