Drake network

From Nasqueron Agora

Drake network is a decentralized network.



We currently attribute only blocks in 172.27/16 (172.26/16 is for future use).

  • 172.27.7/24: Reserved for ODF
  • 172.27.26/24: Dereckson (Nasqueron resources currently assigned in this range)
  • 172.27.27/24: Nasqueron
  • 172.27.28/24: Reserved for Nasqueron extensibility


A DNS server serving the following A and PTR records should be created. Here a /etc/hosts file fragment meanwhile: ubald.dereckson.drake tigraki.dereckson.drake graywell.dereckson.drake threyscend.drake illium.dereckson.drake ysul.nasqueron.drake routing.threyscend.drake

A coherent PTR guideline should be offered.

The first block concerned is to

  • dyn-172-27-26-15.lostwoods.drake
  • d172-27-26-15.lostwoods.drake
  • host172-27-26-15.lostwoods.drake
  • pool-172-27-26-15.lostwoods.drake
  • 15.26-27-172.dyn.lostwoods.drake

Triskel offers the following resolve: tree-15.lostwoods.drake tree-16.lostwoods.drake tree-17.lostwoods.drake tree-18.lostwoods.drake tree-19.lostwoods.drake tree-20.lostwoods.drake tree-21.lostwoods.drake tree-22.lostwoods.drake tree-23.lostwoods.drake tree-24.lostwoods.drake tree-25.lostwoods.drake tree-26.lostwoods.drake tree-27.lostwoods.drake tree-28.lostwoods.drake tree-29.lostwoods.drake tree-30.lostwoods.drake

This guideline would so be <part>-<last digit>.networkdomain.tld.